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Full Moon Yoga

Thank you to our hosts at Cauldron and Thorne for stocking the crystals and essential oils to enhance our experience. The store is located at 2724 West 8th Street, Erie, PA 16505.
When we will utilize the energy of the rising full moon to align the primary chakra system using movement and breath work, we deepen our connection to ourselves and can use restorative poses to assist in setting our intentions. The use of crystals and essential oils in our individual space can have a positive and supportive influence on our practice. Generally, Clear Quartz, Moonstone and Selenite are recommended crystals for any lunar yoga practice. Patchouli or Sandalwood essential oils / incense will also support your practice. 
Below is a full list of some additional adjuncts specific to each moon of the year for planning your practice as a reference. All crystals, oils and incense are available at Cauldron and Thorne.


The Wolf Moon appearing in Cancer.  Moonstone is great for calm and Psychic protection.  Rhodochrosite sees solutions for conflict / forgiveness.  If we need calm-  Rose or Patchouli essential oils are great choices. If we need energizing- Peppermint. Setting an intention of getting cozy and cooking, being with people we enjoy.  Self care is important now. Balance passivity.


The Worm Moon appearing in Virgo. Agate for calm and grounding. Apatite will calm the mind and emotions as well as Ylang Ylang.  Energizing scents- Lemon.

Setting an intention to feel productive for manifestation is at hand.  Taking stock, creating plans and executing with efficiency but balance over thinking.


The Flower Moon appearing in Scorpio. Garnet will facilitate constructive passion. Achieve balance with Smoky Quartz and amethyst. If we need Calm- Sandalwood.  Energizing-  Geranium. Introspection of spiritual self is the key for this cycle. Opening yourself to transformation and decisiveness. Balance directness with tact. 


The Buck Moon appearing in Capricorn. Malachite for determination to goals. Smokey Quartz for grounding and protection. If we need Calm- Sandalwood.  Energizing-  Lavender.

Setting an intention to get down to business. Starting the journey with a first step. Goals and targets are important to guide the journey and are not the journey itself.


The Harvest Moon appearing in Pisces. Amethyst for transcendence. Angelite for spiritual connection. If we need Calm- Clary sage.  Energizing- Neroli.

Intuition is turned up and ready for transcendence. Awareness of our feelings and creativity will lead to manifestations, but we need to be careful what we wish for.


The Frost Moon is full appearing in Taurus. Rose Quartz for harmony and self love. Attraction-  Rhodonite. If we need Calm- Lemon or Pine. Energize- Neroli, Patchouli.

Explore your senses and sensuality. Find rest and relaxation while balancing laziness.


The Snow Moon appearing in Leo.    Carnelian is a great stone for courage. Blue Calcite to calm fiery intentions.  If we need Calm- Cypress essential oil, and for Energizing-Black Pepper .

Shine bright and enjoy being you! Feel the energy of novelty and creative flow. Feel vibrant and playful.  This is a good time to open up for self reflection.


The Pink Moon appearing in Libra. Turquoise for loyalty and alignment. Rose Quartz for self love. If we need Calm- Neroli essential oil, and for energizing- Rosemary.

Celebrate yourself and those in your circles.  Embrace harmony and equilibrium.  Explore the nature of sacred feminine and sacred masculine. Balance any critical urges.


The Strawberry Moon appearing in Sagittarius. Lapis Lazuli for increasing vibration and wisdom.  Labradorite for spiritual growth. If we seek calm- Bergamot. Energizing- Grapefruit.

We're seeking knowledge and adventure, whether internally or of the world around. Enjoy feeling expansive and see the big picture. Balance daydreaming or speculation.


The Sturgeon Moon appearing in Aquarius. Focus on calming stones- Aquamarine, Obsidian, Amethyst. If we need Calm- Juniper. Energizing-  Cardamom.
Intention - Break chains and shed that which does not serve us. Seek out new communities. It’s ok to be altruistic without being a doormat.


The Hunter Moon appearing in Aries. Red Jasper for courage and endurance. Calming- Blue Calcite, Blue lace agate. If we need Calm- Patchouli.  Energize- Cedarwood. New Beginnings are at hand. Channel your inner warrior for reaching for goals, but balance aggressiveness and impulsivity.


The Oak Moon is full appearing in Gemini. Opal for intuition and insight. Orange Calcite- intellect. If we need Calm- Juniper or Myrrh.  Energize with Bergamot or Ginger.

This is a time of high energy and excitement.  Communication is open. Explore duality. Balance anxiety.


Yoga Nidra. Sometimes referred to as Yogic Sleep, is more than the traditional Savasana rest at the end of a yoga practice.  Nidra can be an entire yoga practice in itself. The purpose of this practice is to provide the mind with the time, space and structure to rewire itself with a new, positive intention.  Done regularly, you can empower your mind to change habits of thought and reactions. The intention is carefully worded as we enter the Nidra practice so that the meaning is that it already exists.  Rather than saying "I want inner peace" we say to ourselves "I have inner peace" or "I am inner peace".  When we relax into Nidra while repeating this as a mantra, the intention will sink in and become a part of our new habits of thinking. Ideally, we cushion the head,elbows, hands and legs with pillows, blankets or rolled towels to eliminate any pressure points that may be distracting during this practice so that we may focus on the words and the experience.

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